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Robin Cowley 

(HM Principal Inspector of Health & Safety, Retired)

As retirement time approached (after what would be nearly 40 years in the civil service) I wanted sensible guidance on how to manage my pension and my bits and pieces of savings/DIY investments.

My union was willing to advise me, but just didn’t inspire me with a great deal of confidence. Looking at adverts – and what related details I could find online – about the myriad of independent financial advisors and investment organizations was confusing to say the least.

Then I got myself booked onto a short course, run by the civil service for employees in my position, about things to consider when retiring. The most attractive aspect was that it included a session on pensions, tax and investment. That part was rather good and happened to be delivered by Greg Spiller.

After my other dabbling’s in search of guidance Greg was a breath of fresh air. I really liked his personality, his evident knowledge/expertise and enthusiasm and it wasn’t very long afterwards that I decided to see what he could do for me.

And Greg did rather well. He explored carefully my circumstances and financial needs, explained the options and agreed with me a way forward I felt comfortable with. Greg set up some rather better investments for me than what I had been running and organized what has turned out to be a rather profitable home for what was left of my pension lump sum after the balance of my mortgage was settled.

The investment organization he helped me choose has kept me informed of progress, Greg has kept me informed of any relevant developments and he seems to have managed to keep my charges pleasantly low.

All in all, rather good in the approximately three years we have been associated and I’m happy to recommend Greg Spiller as a very good IFA.

Marianne Cowpe
(Principal Lecturer Field Leader Policy Leadership and Clinical Governance)

I have known Greg Spiller of Acumen Associate Financial Services for about 8 years during this time I have always found him to be approachable and friendly while maintaining a professional approach.
He was recommended to me to help me sort out my pension with a big pension agency he managed to sort out with one letter something I had been trying to do for 5 years so I was very impressed.
He has always been happy to explain everything to me in language I understand which I found a welcome change from others I have had financial advice from in the past.
He is always contactable and returns calls and queries immediately (often on a Sunday) and I like the fact that you get straight through to him and not a call centre.
He has helped us to manage our finances and make the best use of our money I definitely wouldn’t make any decision without consulting him I trust him completely and I know that everything we discuss is totally confidential.

Professor Jonathan Cowpe
(Director Dental Postgraduate Education in Wales)
(Honorary Consultant in Oral Surgery) 


I have known Greg for over 24 years, during which time he has advised me and my family about a significant number of financial issues.
These have included, investments, mortgages, life insurance pensions and taxes. His sound advice has always been valuable but his advice re pensions has been particularly welcome in the light of all the changes he is always up to date and I have found his advice and guidance immensely helpful and supportive.
He comes to the house, nothing is too much trouble to him and he always goes the extra mile. He deals with all matters with confidentiality and an obvious clear understanding of my family’s needs.

Linsy Williams
(Retired Vice President of human resources Gyrus Medical)

I have known Greg Spiller of Acumen Financial Services for more than ten years. In that time, he has been personally responsible for looking after a broad range of services for me, my husband more recently my sons.
His diligence in being up to date with the latest market products is impressive and his own personal continuous improvement in keeping his qualifications to the highest level enable him to provide his customers with best advice and service.
For us as a family Greg and his staff have advised us on a wide range of areas as listed below:

·  Initially securing a number of Mortgages – domestic and buy-to-let – always providing the most current whole of market competitive rates with plenty of choice offered to suit our financial needs.

·  Purchase of an Investment Bond to utilise a pension cash sum when I left work, this bond offer was only open for a short period of time, however due to his excellent product awareness Greg secured this for me. This has proved far better than attempting to buy an annuity with a relatively small sum.

·  Restructured and significantly improved not only my husband’s Personal Pension Scheme but more importantly his Company’s Pension Scheme, which was under performing with above average charges to the disadvantage of the employees prior to Greg’s intervention.

·  Advised and arranged an Actively Managed whole of market Investment Portfolio more recently with one of the best Discretionary Fund Management companies based in the UK. Our Portfolio Investment has been arranged by Greg at a lower cost structure than that could be obtained through dealing direct with the Investment Company. Once again this has been good advice and I am delighted with the professionalism of the investment company, their thorough communications and most importantly the performance of portfolio.

·  Researching and arranging Protection Plans for Life Insurance, Critical Illness, and Home Insurance from the whole of market ensuring we obtain the most appropriate and cost effective protection plans available.

·  Family guidance over the last two years for both my sons in preparing to raise their first mortgages, Greg has personally seen them both through the process with advice and administration support making it clear and straightforward.

·  On a communication level, Greg responds rapidly to requests to phone him and responds to emails normally within a few hours. He will attend meetings at your home and is often available on a Saturday morning. In short, nothing is too much trouble.

Greg and his associates deliver a friendly service backed up by exceptional knowledge and care. I can also confirm from my experience that should Greg be out of the office when you call, help and support is always at hand from his knowledgeable associates until his return.

As a family, we have also recommended Greg to our friends and they have been more than pleased.

Carolyn Meade
(Head Teacher Cyfarthfa High School Merthyr Tydfil)

I have known Greg Spiller of Acumen Associate Financial Services for the past seven years. After many dealings with financial “planners” I have finally found one I can genuinely trust. Greg is very personable and a mine of information on all matters relating to personal finances.
He is always available on the telephone and can sum up range of options in an easily understandable way, whether they relate to mortgages, investments, pensions, private health care etc.
He will leave no stone unturned and both myself and my family are grateful to him for providing a first-class service over many years. I would recommend Greg to other people without hesitation, Greg is the route to finally getting your house in order.

Peter A.J.Swinbank B.Tech LL.B C.Eng MIET
(Retired Professional)

I met Greg Spiller before 2010 when I was still working at what is now Airbus in Newport; when he was invited in, by the company, to advise employees about their wider options in providing for their livelihood towards and after retirement.
Impressed with what I saw I approached him personally and he has since then provided me with a service I understand and which has worked very well for me. My meetings with him have always been a pleasure and in many ways rather fun. He is realistic but optimistic and his advice has been proved sound.
I count him as a friend.

Cheryl & Phillip Prewett

We have known Greg Spiller for more than 20 years, within that time he has become not just a financial advisor of the highest quality but also a good friend. Greg is the only person we trust with our money.
Nothing has ever been too much trouble for him, he always goes the extra mile. Greg always acts with the utmost integrity and sincerity. We cannot thank him enough for the financial portfolio that he achieved on behalf of our son Matthew, Greg really is one in a million.

Prof David P Davies
(Retired Head of Paediatrics University of Wales College of Medicine Cardiff)

I have always found Greg Spiller’s advice and support invaluable. A few years ago, in the months leading up to my retirement from my post as Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Wales College of Medicine in Cardiff Greg’s advice on my pension options proved first rate.
He has since helped manage our financial portfolio, especially that which concerns investments, with wisdom and a sensitivity that reflects a very thorough understanding of the economic market place. We very much appreciate Greg’s integrity and it is always a pleasure to be in his company.

Brian & Kaye Fletcher
(Retired professionals, Newport, Monmouthshire)

We have used the services of Greg Spiller Independent Financial Adviser Principal of Acumen Associate Financial Services for holistic financial planning advice, the advice service that he provides to us relates to Pensions and Investments.
The services he has provided to date involve a detailed review of our existing plans and our attitude to risk to check if they are still appropriate for our needs, combined with an analysis of what our needs and personal objectives are.
Greg then recommended the most appropriate Pension and Investment products from the whole of the market, being an Independent Financial Adviser allows him to do this as he is not a restricted advice based financial adviser as most of them are these days. As an IFA this enables Greg to select the best financial product solution available for us to achieve our personal objectives.
Being recently retired we wanted to feel confident that our financial portfolio was being managed as efficiently and professionally as possible. A friend recommended Greg and I am extremely pleased that I acted on that recommendation.
Greg in my opinion has provided the highest quality professional advice and personal service, he always makes himself available to speak to us and what is very important to us is he provides advice in language we can understand without jargon.
Greg is patient with friendly manner, we believe he goes the ‘extra mile’ and the same applies to his office staff who we have had occasion to deal with if he is in client meeting.
In addition, we like the fact that when you call the Greg Spiller Acumen office he has a person answering the phone not a computer, being able to speak with person not a machine matters to us going forward in this progressively computerised world we live in.

Chris Lewis
(Retired Senior Civil Servant)

I have known Greg Spiller for a number of years after consulting him on financial advice for my mother. He impressed me with his friendly manner, patient approach and professional attitude.
Our paths have crossed since; he gave a most helpful talk on financial considerations at a retirement seminar that I attended.
Since retiring, I have consulted Greg for investment advice and once again have been impressed by his diligence and attention to detail.
I am pleased to recommend Greg wholeheartedly as an exemplary professional Independent Financial Adviser.
I look forward to our next meeting, whenever it may be.

Richard & Amanda King
(Education Consultancy Services)

Our family has been delighted to receive high quality financial advice and support from Greg Spiller over a number of years. He offered sound and sympathetic advice to my mother at a difficult time which so impressed us that we subsequently transferred our own financial affairs into his capable hands and recommended that our children did the same. In my case, he has supported me through the start-up of my new business; a process that I was finding confusing and overwhelming. He worked tirelessly to ensure that I was provided with the best possible information to make decisions.
We are all grateful to him for his professionalism, efficiency, and patience. He carefully considers each client’s circumstances before offering personalised advice and recommendations. We are pleased to recommend him unreservedly.

Carol Roberts
(Senior Manager)

Greg Spiller was recommended to us and as a family we have engaged his services for Independent Financial Planning Advice. Important to us is that Greg has an affiliation with Shropshire because he has a son living locally which means Greg spends a lot of time in the area.
The services Greg has provided us to date involve Advice on Pensions and Investments which has included a detailed review of our existing plans and our attitude to risk. This part of the service was vital to ensure that our existing plans met with our needs and requirements.
In our opinion Greg has provided the highest quality professional advice and personal service. He always makes himself available to speak to us and what is very important to us is he provides financial advice in language we can understand without jargon.
On a communication level, Greg and his office staff respond rapidly to our requests by phone and email normally within a few hours, Greg will attend meetings at your home and is often available on a Saturday morning.
In short Greg is the best Financial Adviser I have had dealings with, nothing is too much trouble for him he provides a friendly service backed up by his exceptional 35 years of Financial Planning knowledge.

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