Pensions Testimonials

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Pension Testimonials

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Robin Cowley 

(HM Principal Inspector of Health & Safety, Retired)

As retirement time approached (after what would be nearly 40 years in the civil service) I wanted sensible guidance on how to manage my pension and my bits and pieces of savings/DIY investments.

My union was willing to advise me, but just didn’t inspire me with a great deal of confidence. Looking at adverts – and what related details I could find online – about the myriad of independent financial advisors and investment organizations was confusing to say the least.

Then I got myself booked onto a short course, run by the civil service for employees in my position, about things to consider when retiring. The most attractive aspect was that it included a session on pensions, tax and investment. That part was rather good and happened to be delivered by Greg Spiller.

After my other dabbling’s in search of guidance Greg was a breath of fresh air. I really liked his personality, his evident knowledge/expertise and enthusiasm and it wasn’t very long afterwards that I decided to see what he could do for me.

And Greg did rather well. He explored carefully my circumstances and financial needs, explained the options and agreed with me a way forward I felt comfortable with. Greg set up some rather better investments for me than what I had been running and organized what has turned out to be a rather profitable home for what was left of my pension lump sum after the balance of my mortgage was settled.

The investment organization he helped me choose has kept me informed of progress, Greg has kept me informed of any relevant developments and he seems to have managed to keep my charges pleasantly low.

All in all, rather good in the approximately three years we have been associated and I’m happy to recommend Greg Spiller as a very good IFA.

David Williams
(Chief Executive ECO2 Limited)

As Chief Executive of Ec02 our company has recently benefited from the professional straight talking independent financial advice provided by Gregory Vesey Spiller (Director) of Acumen Associate Financial Services through a review of our company employee benefits that we provide.

As a company, we were pleasantly surprised that an ongoing cost reduction of 30% was able to be achieved relating to our Group Pension Scheme. Moreover a substantial upgrade to our Group Life Cover Scheme by way of increasing Free Life cover levels by 84% relating to all staff.

The huge improvements would not have been achieved without accepting the free review from Greg Spiller and his team.

Our experiences have been extremely positive on this basis and are therefore happy to endorse the free review service provided by Greg. His extensive level of personal experience in providing financial advice both at company level and personal in our opinion makes the service beneficial to all.

Michael Downey & Aidan Jones
(Partners Glamorgan Law; previously Charles, Crookes & Jones)

I have known Greg Spiller, Director of Acumen since 1998. I trust Greg to handle my own financial affairs.

My firm regularly recommends clients to Greg Spiller as we have confidence in his ability to assist clients. He is very approachable, and clients are happy with the service that he provides.

Ruth Amesbury

(Senior Finance Officer, Civil Service) 

Greg Spiller IFA and Practice Principal of Acumen Financial Services has provided an efficient and professional service by arranging a number of buy to let mortgages for me over the past few years.  Each time he has managed to secure the best mortgage deal, been on hand with any advice required and has ensured that the process has run smoothly from start to finish.  I will certainly be using him in the future and would be more than happy to recommend him to others.

Paul Amesbury

(Business Proprietor)

The pension advice I received from Greg Spiller IFA and Practice Principal of Acumen Financial Services was amazing.  I had a number of pensions and it had all got a bit confusing, he arranged for all the pensions I had to be transferred into one pension fund and helped me manage my future in a much more effective way.

and would be more than happy to recommend him to others.

Deborah Chard

Retired Civil Servant (Trainer, and Learning & Development Manager DVLA)

I first met Greg Spiller in 2014, at a Pre-retirement course arranged by the national Civil Service Learning organisation.  Greg had been requested by Civil Service Learning to present an information session to educate Civil Servants about their investment options when they retired.

I was very impressed by Greg’s extensive knowledge.  His impartial sound advice certainly gave me the opportunity to consider the best options to suit my personal circumstances.  After I retired in 2015 I did not hesitate in contacting Greg. He spent a great deal of time discussing and advising me of the best returns on investment to suit my requirements.

Greg has telephoned and emailed me regularly since then to keep me updated on my investments. I have total confidence in his ability as a professional in the field of finance and I would not hesitate in recommending him to family and friends.

In my opinion Greg provides a first-class service and I have no doubt that he maintains a high level of service for all his clients.

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